Who Is Investing In Gesture? Meet Our Everyday Investors.

Our mission at Gesture has been to make the world smaller with one Gesture at a time. We want to build connectivity again with the people that are not only important in your life, but with anyone you want to share a special moment.

What’s been keeping our mission alive is you! The everyday user, team member, and now the everyday investor, who has taken the time to work with us from day one and investing in our platform.

What do we mean by the everyday investor?

An everyday investor can look like anyone you know that isn’t under the typical view of what an investor “should” be. Investing isn’t just for those who are considered business savvy or entrepreneurs. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to have millions in your pocket to invest in something you believe could make a difference. You just need to be someone with a passion and a mission to change this world. 

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of our everyday investors below. 

Sam A. Denver, CO
Amazing Father, Gesture G-Runner, Republic Investor
Joel R. Phoenix, AZ
Family Man, Gesture Customer, Gesture Investor
William G. Chicago, IL
Gesture Investor

“Gesture is hands down one of the best gift delivering services on the market. Order your Gesture and within the hour it gets delivered guaranteed! I invested in this app because I know that this will redefine what it means to deliver with love and purpose.”

William G.

With only two weeks left to invest, we want to ensure you can join the Gesture movement by investing through our platform on Republic! We know that you can help make a difference and help us define what keeping people connected means through Gesture.

To learn more about our fundraising campaign, visit our platform on Republic.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Investing In Gesture? Meet Our Everyday Investors.

  1. Agree with William, I invested because I believe that Gesture will redefine what it means to deliver with love and purpose as well as connecting people in this digital age that gets harder and harder!


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